September 13, 2007

Welcome to my personal webpage. For many years now, that i though that i should have a personal web page where i could upload all the stuff i think someone would like to see. After so much time getting all kinds of stuff from the Internet, from hundreds of the most intelligent and nice people, who are not afraid of letting people see what they have done, the time to humbly return something has arrived.

I will try to use this page to put everything i think would help anyone, even outdated things. through the last 10 years i had the time to make so many good things ... perhaps not so many and not so good. You will have the opportunity to know me better, as i have decided to let some knowledge of myself be released here.

Enough of this crap. I have many years of grateful Linux devotion, and now you will see many of the presentations, scripts, photos, documents that i have made. Besides the presentations made, some of them never got to see the daylight.

What i would really like to know, is from anyone who thought some of the information here had some kind of benefit to him. I will be hopping...

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